Video Based Learning

If pictures can speak thousand words, then videos can speak 10,000 or a million words! The world around us has changed over time. The delivery and acquisition of knowledge are happening rapidly that was not even dreamed of just a few short years ago. The ongoing demand for rapid mode of knowledge delivery has embarked a new concept in the field of learning known as Video based learning. This concept emphasize on learning within a short span of time allowing the content to be shared in bite-sized pieces. Each of these bite-sized pieces provides key information about a product or service. Video has the ability to connect learners with the information much faster than any other media.

At Tarang, we offer varied learning solutions including Video based learning. It is the medium we have been working with for several years. It offers a level of engagement with users and business contexts that is hard to achieve by other means. Depending on the customer requirement, we analyze the mode of delivery and provide a customized solution to our clients. We chunk the data logically to form individual topics and create videos for each topic based on the requirement. Our team at Tarang, design and develop videos with structured storyboarding, cutting edge graphics and motion design skills that teach the topic in a holistic manner. Thus, offering optimized learning solutions to our clients catering all their business needs.

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