User Interface is the most important part of any product/organization; it acts as the face of that product/organization.

UI is typically a combination of Visual Design (look and feel) and Interaction Design (how it works?).

UI design focuses on optimizing the interface of a digital product. It uses typography, color and layout to create the best possible user experience on an individual web page or app screen.

UI Design & Mockups

UI Design and Mockups involve creating /building user interfaces that support the exchange of information between an application’s users and its back-end processes and databases. This could be either a fully dedicated role of a development team, or the role of someone who is also responsible for coding the back-end processes.

UI Design and Development output is a functional, testable and shippable code that lets users accomplish their goals when using an application.It is also involved in documentation, thus allowing others to maintain their code.


  • Mockups
  • User Interface Designs (static)
  • Design Style Guide – Master Style Guide
  • Graphic Assets
  • Working Prototypes (POC)


UX is the interaction.

User experience is much more than just the end result of User Interface. It is always best to consider user experience as the reactor or nucleus of a brand. User experience is the goal; not just the goal of an interface but of a product or interaction of an organization.

User experience is how customers interact with the product across specified and measurable (quantitative and/or qualitative) categories: ease of use, navigation, task completion, branding etc.

UX Wireframe

Design—Designing user experience for applications after user analysis and workflow analysis, involves producing user-centered design artifacts such as personas, site maps, taxonomies and wireframes.

UX Design may also involve usability testing on prototypes or finished products, to assess the quality of a user experience.


  • Use case scenarios
  • Information architecture and in-detail
  • Interaction Design – wireframe
  • Site map /Flow of Application
  • User-Centric Test Case

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