With the huge rise in the popularity of messaging platforms, firms are now looking for automated solutions to engage with their customers across all channels. Chatbots have hence revolutionized the customer service space by not just providing instantaneous and customized responses but also saving businesses millions of dollars. Enterprise Chatbots being AI Powered are equipped with machine learning capabilities and able to process and converse in natural language make them all the more attractive.

Chatbot is a software which converses with humans via auditory or textual methods. Customers can get theirs queries answered or perform specific tasks instead of navigating through multiple pages over the website or the application. Chatbots are helping brands engage more with the users beyond the traditional clicks and views. Chatbots are also able to gather useful information regarding customer profile and buying behaviour through in depth analytics. It acts as a human face of the brand where customers can build trust and empathy.

Tarang has developed an omni channel AI Powered Chatbot which comes along with a Bot Analytics Engine to capture key insights. This solution can be customized and deployed across Web, mobile and various Social media channels. With the help of Chatbots the dependence of humans is lesser and hence firms are able to service their customers 24/7. The entire solution can be hosted either at the client's premises or on Tarang's Cloud.

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