Tarang Software is a leader in providing Mobile payment solutions to the Payment and Retail Industries.

Tarang brings you mobile payments solutions that redefines its usage completely, turning your mobile phone into a secure device you can use for transactions anytime, anywhere. You can now instantly send and receive money, utility bills, pay for your shopping, flight tickets and so much more.

Electronic transactions using the mobile phone is a rapidly-adopting payment method where a consumer uses a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services, digital or hard goods, instead of paying with cash, cheque or card (prepaid/debit/credit).

Mobile payment has been well adopted in many parts of Europe and Asia. Market for mobile payments is expected to reach more than $600B globally by 2013.

  • Short on cash, carry your mobile phone and pay on the move!
  • Instant recharge your pre-paid service directly from your mobile
  • Pay your utility bills from your mobile phone while relaxing at home
  • Shop online without revealing banking details
  • Cashless payments while placing your order over phone
  • Transfer funds from one bank account to another instantly via mobile phone
  • For un-banked population Send & Receive money facility through mobile

Primary Model

Premium SMS based Transactional Payments

The consumer sends a payment request via an SMS text message or a USSD to a short code and a premium charge is applied to their phone bill or their online wallet. The merchant involved is informed of the payment success and can then release the paid for goods.

Direct Mobile Billing

It is a true alternative payment method that does not require the use of credit/debit cards or pre-registration at an online payment solution. The consumer uses the mobile billing option during checkout at an e-commerce site-such as an online gaming site-to make a payment.

Mobile Web Payments (WAP)

The consumer uses web pages displayed or additional applications downloaded and installed on the mobile phone to make a payment. It uses WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) as underlying technology.

Contactless NFC (Near Field Communication)

A consumer using a special mobile phone equipped with a smartcard waves his/her phone near a reader module. The payment could be deducted from pre-paid account or charged to mobile or bank account directly. (NFC) is used mostly in paying for purchases made in physical stores or transportation services.

How it works

  • This electronic recharge method links directly with the operator's prepaid system.
  • Registered Subscriber sends a text message (SMS) to the operator and the mobile phone is topped up from credit / debit card instantaneously.
  • Internet using WAP enabled phones can also be used for topping up.

Tarang Capabilities

  • Building ISO 14443 Interfaces with Card Readers
  • Building Server Side Applications
  • Account Wallet Applications
  • Development of Device Drivers for Contactless Readers
  • Development of Embedded Firmware for next generation Card Readers
  • Certifying the Reader with Visa PayWave and Master Card PayPass certifying agencies

Technology Expertise

We at Tarang maintain a wide array of technical expertise to enable us deliver the diverse technology needs of our clients spread across the globe. We follow very high standard of quality which helps us build better solutions for our clients.

  • J2ME (CLDC 1.0/1.1, MIDP 2.0/1.0, Mobile Media API, Wireless Messaging API, Games API etc.)
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0
  • Brew/C++
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Embedded Visual Studio (embedded Visual Basic/VC++)
  • Microsoft .NET Compact Framework
  • Custom SDKs

Porting & Testing Services

Porting is the process of adapting software so that an executable program can be created for a computing environment that is different from the one for which it was originally designed. Porting includes also verifying on the "live" handsets with each carrier one by one, noting behavior of the application and then making device specific changes to the software as needed.

Platform/OS Migration
Migration of mobile application across platforms such as PC to Mobile, J2ME to BREW etc.
Operator Specific Porting
Migration of mobile application cross carrier networks across markets
Device/Handset Migration
Migration of mobile application across devices of same mobile platform e.g. J2ME Midp1 and Midp2

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