Payment Interfaces

Tarang has extensive experience in building connectors/ interfaces to Processors and Banks for their Payment customers.

The range of services that are offered is:

  • Custom development of ISO 8583 payment connectors
  • Development of custom connectors non ISO 8583
  • Development of Simulators
  • Testing against Simulators
  • Certification Testing

Tarang has expertise in building connectors for the following Processors:

  • FDC North
  • FDC South
  • Omaha
  • Paymentech
  • Paymentech Salem
  • 5th 3rd Bank
  • Bank Of America
  • American Express
  • Chockstone
  • Nova
  • Wells
  • Visa
  • Nabanco
  • Telemoney
  • CardNet

Tarang's Innovative Generic Formatter

There is a burning need for a large number of payment interfaces to connect with various processors, Banks and switches in the world of payment transactions. Processor specifications keep changing due to the continuous changes in the Card Association Standards. There is a huge complexity since numerous protocols like ISO 8583, APACS 30, Apacs 40, VAP, MIP exist apart from custom protocols. Currently, the time taken to develop these interfaces and certify them is very high. Consequently there is a delay in going to market.

Tarang Software, the leader in Payment Technologies has come up with an innovative way to address the above problem through a solution called Pay-Connect. Pay-Connect is a Generic Formatter that can format all types of connectors. Using it you can come up with a new connector in a short time. More importantly, a non IT Developer can use Pay-Connect to build the interface. Pay-Connect is technologically agnostic. It works in Java, .Net and C++ environments.

About Pay-Connect

Pay-Connect is a plug and play solution designed as a data-driven "Formatter Engine". As it is a Generic Formatter component, it provides a uniform interface to a variety of third party payment processors or switches and can be formatted for any protocol - ISO 8583 / APACS / Custom.

Pay-Connect formats the message depending on the processor/switch and transaction type. It connects to Processors/Switch to support the following transactions:

  • Authorization
  • Capture
  • Void
  • Refund
  • Fund transfer
  • Reversal
  • Settlement

This pluggable component which can be used as a separate generic module can be used for making connectors in Java, .Net and C++. As Pay-Connect is API based, it can be called very easily by any Payment application and can be easily deployed in any application server like Web Logic, Jboss etc. together with the Payment application.

Advantage Pay-Connect

  • Designed as a solution of a data-driven "Formatter Engine"
  • High scalability and excellent performance as the processor specific data is dynamically updated and delegated by the Formatter Engine
  • Any type of payment client can be integrated with the Payment Application - Formatter is completely independent of the client type
  • It is completely modular in architecture
  • Integration with new Processor/Switch does not affect the core payment application
  • Minimal and faster customization for any new Processor/Switch integration
  • Short time to get certified with the new Processor/Switch integration
  • Easy maintenance of code

Pay-Connect Architecture

Architecture and Steps of Transaction Flow

Step 1: Payment clients initiate the business transaction with the payment application.

Step 2: These transaction requests approach Pay-Connect for the specific Processor or Switch messages and delegate the request message to the Processor/Switch over the ISDN/VPN link.

Step 3: The Response message from the Processor/Switch will be parsed by Pay-Connect and delegated to the Payment application.

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