NFC/Contactless Payments - Overview

Today the mobile phone is not just a communication device but the hub of your customer's lifestyle, encompassing all activities like shopping, socializing, learning and work. Now with contactless payments based on NFC technology becoming more and more common, the phone has started to replace the consumer's wallet.

Mobile payments through NFC technology is now one of the hottest areas of innovation in the market and within the next 12-24 months it is predicted reach the required critical mass to become ubiquitous. This is the time to find out how it can add value to your business.

Whether you are a small-business owner, the head of a multi-billion dollar Retail business, a handset manufacturer, a network provider or a card company or a bank, innovative NFC technology solutions can address your business needs in exciting new ways and hugely benefit every stakeholder in the mobile transaction.

NFC set to explode

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