Today the mobile phone is not just a communication device but the hub of your customer's lifestyle, encompassing all activities like shopping, socializing, learning and work. Now with contactless payments based on NFC technology becoming more and more common, the phone has started to replace the consumer's wallet.

Mobile payments through NFC technology is now one of the hottest areas of innovation in the market and within the next 12-24 months it is predicted reach the required critical mass to become ubiquitous. This is the time to find out how it can add value to your business.

Whether you are a small-business owner, the head of a multi-billion dollar Retail business, a handset manufacturer, a network provider or a card company or a bank, innovative NFC technology solutions can address your business needs in exciting new ways and hugely benefit every stakeholder in the mobile transaction.

NFC set to explode

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Tarang's NFC offerings help realize a fully functional NFC eco-system independent of the size or complexity of your business needs...

They include -

Applications & Benefits

Some of the many applications of NFC technology are:

Contactless payments - An NFC enabled mobile phone acts as a substitute for a credit card and can be used at any POS terminal that is NFC enabled. This alone has the potential to revolutionize the retail, public transport and travel industries - to name just a few - by changing consumer spending patterns.

In-store promotions - Promotions would benefit from the presence of Smart Devices or Smart Posters in stores which, by simply tapping your phone against them, would then enable the instant customization of merchandising and promotions for customers. They can also find assistance in locating out of stock products on the web-store, or redeem loyalty points and handle other customer centric transactions smoothly.

P-2-P and seller-buyer data exchange and social intel - Individuals are able to exchange data with each other instantly, or send and receive relevant data to the store and to social networks through the smart posters in the store. This integrates into all the store formats and works to the advantage of the social shopping phenomenon.

Some in-store scenarios

With the m-commerce industry set to overtake traditional e-commerce in terms of growth, the timing couldn't have been more fortunate. Innovative applications using NFC technology can hugely benefit every stakeholder in the mobile transaction.

Benefits for the mobile user:

  • Keeping track of cards in terms of deciding which one to use, expiry dates or damaged cards
  • The ability to keep a better track of spending
  • Application and personal data security
  • Applications can be recovered if the phone is lost or stolen
  • Easy subscription to new services

Benefits for mobile operators:

  • Flexibility - modular solutions makes it easy to deploy new services and connect to partners
  • Reliability and scalability - Tarang's OTA technologies reduce risk and enhance competitiveness throughout the application life-cycle
  • Control - real time view of your customer database to monitor service adoption and provide customer care services

Benefits for service providers:

  • Customer reach - whatever their network thanks to our leadership in OTA platforms
  • Cost effectiveness - adaptation to your legacy environment
  • Security - unique know-how in personalization and keys management
  • Service quality - guaranteed contractually through Service Level Agreements

Benefits for business owners:

  • Integrate your physical store with your online and mobile presence
  • More reach through larger base than ecommerce
  • Better conversions through targeted advertising and customizable promotions
  • Better customer management through instant self-help solutions, thereby reducing the need for traditional customer service
  • More intelligence on consumer spending and greater scope to innovate and differentiate

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