Firmware Development

Tarang provides end-to-end services to its customers in the payment industry. Apart from delivering payment applications, we also do embedded/firmware development work on POS Terminals, Contactless Terminals , Mobile Phones and Card Readers.

The range of services in the embedded domain includes:

  • Specialization in development of device drivers on Embedded Linux, VX Works, Symbian
  • Development and Porting of USB Host Device drivers USB to Ethernet, Mass Storage Device, Barcode Reader, Printer etc
  • Development of PCI Ethernet Adapter Device Driver
  • Development of Thermal Printer Driver on UCLinux, VxWorks
  • Development of Flash Memory Driver and File System Porting
  • Development of Telephony Device Drivers Audio Codecs and SLEC
  • Development of Device Driver for Secured Pin Pad and Secured Display
  • Development of PP Device Driver and porting for CDMA and GSM based handheld payment data terminals
  • Development of Device Driver for Smart Cards for EMV LEVEL II compliance

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