Digital Learning

Digital learning combines technology and instructional practices thus enhancing the learning experience for the users.

Simulations, visualizations, games, videos, etc. provide a richer learning environment. Annotation technologies, online support, etc. provide a platform for discussions and debates, thus contributing toward a fuller understanding of concepts.

Digital Learning has created a huge positive impact in the learning domain by ensuring persistence in learners.

It encompasses the application of blended and virtual learning and allows you as a learner to learn from anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace.

What We Do

Custom e-Learning Solutions

Custom e-learning solutions are created and developed to meet an organization’s specific learning needs, effectively.

At Tarang, we create and transform e-modules using solid Instructional Design strategies and Animation techniques to suit your specific training requirements and learning styles. We also focus on presenting scenarios to link content to the real world using blended strategies and technologies, and thus deliver interactive and impactful courses.

Rapid e-Learning Solutions

Rapid e-learning solutions are ideal for immediate training needs and allow quick updates and revisions of the existing versions.

Tarang has expertise in creating rapid e-learning courses that are responsive and mobile compatible. These courses also pave way for migration of the course from one tool to another. Developing rapid e-learning courses save time and cost and can be made SCORM/AICC or TinCan API compliant.

Video Learning Solutions

Video production is the art and service of creating content and delivering the finished product in the form of a video.

At Tarang, we also focus on Video Learning to map to the interests of Corporates and Retailers who are keen on training their workforce in various processes and tools. Video learning is effective when delivering to a large audience as it helps retain attention of the learners thus providing an enhanced learning experience.

Mobile Learning Solutions

Mobile learning solutions have become very successful in recent years with smart phones becoming more affordable and internet being easily accessible to everyone. Mobile learning allows flexibility and ensures improved course completion rates.

Tarang understands the fast changing learning demands and meets the same by developing and delivering mobile compatible courses that can be easily deployed and maintained.

Game Based Learning

Game based learning is highly engaging as they combine learning methodologies, innovative ideas and technology to deliver the learning solutions.

Game based training modules can be tailor made to provide instant feedback to learners thus encouraging strategic thinking and decision making in learners.

Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an environment which helps organizations to host and distribute learning modules that can be easily accessed by users.

Tarang provides a customised LMS that enables administrator manage user records by tracking information like learning progress, bookmarking, completion status, scores, etc. The LMS also provides customized assessment templates to evaluate learners.


Global businesses feel the need to make training consistent and effective for all their employees; localization of the training materials become imperative.

Tarang has its stint in localization of learning materials thus helping businesses cater to a wide range of audience.

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